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At the orthodontic office of Dr. Andrew Corbett, we strive to give our patients the best care available! Everyone is highly trained and experienced, which is just the beginning of what our office has to offer. Our staff has been treating patients in Mendocino County at our Ukiah and Fort Bragg orthodontic offices for over 20 years.

We understand how important a healthy, beautiful smile is to you!  With this in mind we offer treatment using many of the latest innovations in orthodontic technology. Like...

CLEAR and METAL Braces for Children, Teenagers, and Adults, as well as CLEAR ALIGNERS for Teenagers and Adults

We enjoy working with children and provide problem focused early orthodontic treatment to correct developing dental and jaw problems. 

The best age to undergo orthodontic treatment is during the adolescent growth spurt.  With this in mind, Adolescent Treatment is focused on comprehensive care to correctly align not only a patient's teeth but also their jaws.  A healthy, beautiful smile is for life!

Adult orthodontic treatment is designed to give you the smile you've always wanted.  Your care is our top priority.

Individual Evidence-Based Treatment

Dr. Corbett will design an individualized treatment plan based on your clinical exam and orthodontic records. Because every person's orthodontic problem is unique, one treatment approach cannot be applied to everyone. Most research suggests that timely orthodontic treatment can usually be done with a single phase of treatment and effectively prevent the need for unnecessary early treatment. This means active treatment time is shorter which lowers the risks associated with extended treatment times.  Our goal is to provide quality care throughout the treatment process.

At Dr. Corbett's office, your smile is our top priority! We love providing our patients with the compassionate, personalized care they deserve at each visit. Please email or call us today to request a complimentary evaluation in either our Ukiah or Fort Bragg offices.

What's Going On?

Your First Visit

We are always excited to meet new patients during their first visit!

Your initial appointment includes a thorough examination and a discussion of potential treatment options. This important visit will give us insight into your orthodontic needs and allow you to ask questions about treatment options and techniques.

Meet Dr. Corbett

Originally from a small town in British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Corbett graduated from Loma Linda University’s School of Dentistry.

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Meet Our Team

Our team has multiple certifications and years of experience treating patients with the highest level of care.

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Office Tour

We want our patients to feel welcomed. Prior to your visit, please take a virtual tour to familiarize yourself with our office.

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Contact Us

We are always available to speak with you to answer questions, address your concerns or schedule an appointment. Please feel free to contact us through our office phone numbers or e-mail address. After hours, you may contact us through our answering service.

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